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Putting code on this wiki doesn't work all that well... Let me know if you need a python cgi that implements a simple LDAP authentication login screen to set the cookies needed for sessions on a local mirror. Under development and working more or less for me - no other guarantees.

Available from http://rgenetics.org/rgenetics/Members/ross/ucscldapcookie.py/download

or after the renaming hack suggested here by Hiram, it uploaded to UcscLDAPCookie.txt

no, wikis are no good for sharing code. Does anyone know something else? I don't really know... a webplatform for sharing code... not really cvs... does this actually exist? --Max 15:26, 21 March 2007 (PDT)

some wikis work fine for this purpose. This one seems to only know about images, although .txt seems to work. It's no big deal I guess.

To Share Code

To share code on this wiki, simply name your code file with a .txt extension. For example: ucscldapcookie.py.txt, mySpecialFunction.c.txt or myFabPerlScript.pl.txt ...etc...

It's easier to put the code in-line on the wiki page between <pre> and </pre> tags. That allows the maintainer and other users to update or annotate the code as necessary. Also, if somebody accidentally breaks the code, then it's easier to roll back to a previous version. - Jredmond 16:29, 24 August 2010 (UTC)